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5 Ways To Deal With Criticism In Business

ways to deal with criticism in business workplace critics

Everyone's a critic! It’s always tiresome when a naysayer constantly gets under your skin in the workplace. A stray comment that shoots out of someone you know at work can make you queasy for the rest of the day, or worse it can even scar your self-esteem long-term. Unfortunately, negative people are a part of our world.  We cannot control their actions, but we can control how we react. That is why we have brought together these five tips to help you deal with negative criticism in the business world. 

Top 5 Tips To Handle Criticism At Work

1. Identify The Intention 

Criticism at work isn’t always meant to give you a slap on the wrist. In some cases it could be someone’s way to try and nurture you into becoming a better person. The trick is to learn to identify the intention behind it. Was it constructive criticism or destructive criticism? 

Don’t take the criticism personally but rather take it objectively. First off, throw the tone out of the window and think logically about what has been said. Could it make you a better person? If you act on their feedback, would it positively impact your reputation

If the answer to these questions is yes, you might wish to act on this criticism and help improve your overall self. 

2. Keep Your Cool 

This tip is essential when dealing with negative criticism, and it could save your career or even your life. Perhaps, you faced destructive criticism from a person who decided not to hold anything back as they tried to throw their weight around. In these circumstances, you must keep your cool. Although your primal instinct would be to throw in a comeback of your own or start swinging your fists, you would be well advised to refrain from doing so. 

Decisions made in the heat of the moment can lead you down paths you may regret later. Try instead to let it slide for the time being and reciprocate later when you are able to be calm and courteous. 

3. Distance Them From Your Life 

Perhaps it is just getting a little too much to deal with; then, it is time to push them away from you. Minimize the work activities that cause you to spend time with them. Start flushing the toxic people and hostile environments out of your life as you start to welcome those new fulfilling experiences. It might even be time to look for a new job or even a different career if workplace criticism is so widespread.

4. Accept Your Feelings For What They Are

After experiencing a certain degree of criticism, the most common emotions are anger and distress. It is okay to express your feelings as you let out the hurt. Burying it deep within yourself is never a good idea, and it would be wise to find a creative way to let it all out. 

You might want to confront your work critic about how they made you feel or consider writing it out in a personal diary or journal. The most important thing is that you don’t bottle all of this up and keep it hidden away. 

5. Don’t Be Hard On Yourself 

When you are faced with an intolerable level of destructive feedback, it is important to remember that this does not define you. You may find it helpful to talk to any one of your closest friends, loved ones, or someone you trust to see how you can learn and grow from the experience. Read some motivational business quotes to think of the big picture of your career.

You may even consider doing some power poses or giving yourself a quick pep talk. These tactics can help out a great deal at work. Yet, make sure that you understand that their feedback is not a reflection or even a vague representation of your true self. If you need to leave your company or even industry, there are other options to work for yourself. You can be your own boss by joining a top MLM company in China, day trading on the global markets, or becoming a franchisee in the United States.

Company Criticism Conclusion 

Our company matters. Humans are social animals who constantly question their value to the people around them. As a result, it stings a little when someone we care about, or even one of our acquaintances, says something terrible about us. 

It may be hard to digest, but successfully managing negative criticism will help prepare you for a successful lifestyle. You don't have to deal with workplace critiques or discrimination like height shaming at work. Keep your head up high and don't let anyone's critical comments tear you down in the workplace!