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Step Into The Light: Home Lighting For Mental Health

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The importance of lighting in your home, both natural and artificial, cannot be understated. This is true whether you are selling your home or boosting your mental health naturally. Luckily there are a wide variety of home lighting options to boost your home's value while improving your mental health, typically by decreasing anxiety and depression and improving sleep quality. It will also appeal to your style and design, along with potential future home-buyers!

Here are some of the top options for stylish home owners on a budget that need a bit of a mental boost.

traditional sash windows home natural lighting mental health

Try Traditional Sash Windows

Increasing the natural light shining into your home is one of the smartest ways to boost your mental health. When it comes to increasing natural light in your home, the more windows you have... the better. Regardless of what windows your home currently has, you can get traditional sash windows customized to the look and feel you want. The fact that they are low maintenance and highly secure are also great for peace of mind as well. This charming traditional window style will always make you smile!

Stylish Skylights

Skylights are definitely one of the most effective and awe-inspiring ways to add additional natural light to your home. They are one of the obvious choices, but they can only be done in certain rooms of certain homes, and can be quite expensive. If you have the option physically and financially, then it could be worth it for the estimated value of your home and the boost in your mood in the process!

More Mirrors Near Doors & Windows

Let's face it, we can't all afford to put in endless windows, sliding doors, and skylights. What is the next best thing for adding natural light to your home and brightening things up almost free of charge? Mirrors! Adding mirrors to key areas of your home, especially near doors and windows that provide significant natural light, can amplify your overall home lighting. It can also maximize your artificial lighting as well if your options for lights or outlets are limited. There are plenty of great deals on mirrors at discount stores and online ecommerce shops. Adding more mirrors to your home could end up with you seeing yourself in a whole new light!

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Better Bedroom Lighting

The lighting and accessories in your bedroom is as essential to your mental health as it is to boosting the value of your home price. Before going to sleep you ideally want darker lighting to help your body's natural melatonin production. For this you can use warm color light bulbs or dimming lights. Also make sure to avoid blue light from televisions, computers, smartphones, and tablets before bed because the light from these screens can overstimulate your brain instead of relax it.

Personal Portable Wellness Lights

Sometimes when it comes to home lighting and mental health, you need a little extra help. That's where a personal wellness light comes in. These bright LED lights (usually under $50) are perfect morning companions on your nightstand or at your desk, and can give you a natural mental boost without resorting to caffeine or pills. They also use minimal electricity, so it's very light on the old wallet. They are also useful when leaving your home due to portability, most are the size of a tablet. There are also larger, higher powered, and more expensive options if the smaller portable "happy lights" don't get the job done. They might not work for everyone but they are definitely worth trying out, and it's a great substitute for AA Meetings or a therapy session.

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Step Into The Light

Boosting your mental health naturally is always a good thing if you can manage it. If you can increase your home style valuation in the process, that's even better for your mental and financial wellbeing! Improving your home lighting is a great place to start. Let your light shine on!