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How Dating Priorities Change Over Time

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Dating means drastically different things to different people. Everyone has a unique perspective on dating, but there is one factor that can make a difference over nearly every other variable: age. Different age groups want different things out of the dating scene based on their goals and where they are in life. Dating when you are in your 40s, 50s, or 60s is a whole different world than dating in your 20s for example. The bigger the age gap, typically the bigger the difference in outlooks, experiences, needs, and endgames. 

To give you an idea of the drastic dating world differences and desires for different ages, I want to provide you with a few personal and family perspectives and examples below to settle the date debate:

Early Twenties Dating

Oh how simple the dating and relationships world seemed in my late teens and early twenties, maybe even in to my mid twenties for that matter. As a typical American male brought up with movies, television, and ads I figured that dating and relationships were all about intimacy. Dating was just about physical pleasure and finding as many female partners as possible. I mostly thought about myself and thought in the short term. I actually used dating websites a couple times in my early twenties, but not for much more than hooking up. They also weren't nearly as many sites or apps as there are today and much fewer people used them 10-15 years ago. 

The thought of finally setting down was a question mark for me, and if so it was in the distant future. I also didn't want kids and wasn't really sure about the whole marriage thing in general.

It wouldn't be until I was a much more mature 28-year-old that I got serious on a dating website and ended up meeting my future wife within a matter of months.

Mid-Thirties Dating

Oh how times have changed! My outlook on dating and relationships have changed tremendously since maturing into a man in his mid-30s. I have now been married for nearly 3 years with a 4 month old baby. 

Dating for physical intimacy alone with a variety of partners seems like an immature, reckless, selfish, short term, and unrealistic thought process now. Being a new parent, husband, and uncle to me are very important.

Most of my friends or acquaintances are also married with kids or children in their near future. The people that I do know that are still single have a tough time meeting new people if it weren't for dating websites and apps.

Parental Perspective 

My parents are both in their mid sixties and have been married for almost 40 years now. They were high school sweethearts that were together for most of their lives aside from a year or two in college several states apart. Dating to them has never been an issue, and they see things as they were mostly in the 1970's: simple, local, face-to-face, heterosexual, and with the goal of marriage and children. When you have been out of the dating pool for decades, you don't really need to adapt to the current dating reality. But they do understand that new dating websites like older-dating.com can help a great deal regardless of someone's age or relationship goals.

Widowed Wants & Needs

My parents' neighbor, who is in her 60s lost her husband a few years ago. She's told us a few times that older dating for women is a lot different than what she's used to. It's been tough to get started after decades of being married. But on the other hand, she has used dating websites successfully to go on many dates with multiple men. She dealt with some duds, but already found a great new man to date exclusively, all thanks to dating websites! 

Over 50 dating websites were a big benefit to her in the latest chapter of her life. As a widow in her 60s, she is mostly interested in good company, conversation, and family at this point in her life. She just wants to enjoy the comfort of another good person in her final decades.

Dating Is Drastically Different, But Dating Websites Can Help At All Ages

There are countless other examples of dating being drastically different for each generation, but those are just a few different personal perspectives I wanted to share. Regardless of your age or what you want out of life, the online dating world has what you need. Get started on a top dating website today to make your relationship dreams a reality.