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Summer Fun in the Sun Hairstyles for Girls

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A child's attention span at six years old is roughly fifteen minutes. That means your countdown clock is ticking urgently as you rush your little one through the process of getting dressed and looking their best.

When your summer calendar is full from sunup to sundown, you don't want to be wasting time wrestling with your daughter's hair. Luckily, we've gathered a collection of easy hairstyles for girls. Your summer morning routine just got easier.

Fun Summer Pigtail Styles to Try on Your Little Girl

Pigtails are youthful, fun, and bouncy. Not to mention surprisingly simple. You can complete a cute outfit with sparkly scrunchies and bright girls clothes for the perfect summer look.

5 Pigtails Hairstyles for the Summer:
  • High French Pigtails
  • Loop Pigtails
  • Half Pigtails with Fringe
  • High Pigtails - Densley Curled
  • Pom Pom Pigtails (with Funky Hair Ties)
What's the difference between a high pigtail and a half pigtail? The base of a half pigtail will fall along the side of the head closer or level with the ears. High pigtails will be positioned above that point.

Bouncy Ponytails for the Summer

Ponytails tend to be a must for any easy hairstyle list, no matter your age. Convincing your daughter to sit still for braids, buns, or even pigtails may not be an option. Ponytails are quick, simple, and keep her hair out of the way while she plays.

5 Ponytails to Try:
  • High Side Ponytail
  • Side Ponytail with Bow or Ribbon
  • Simple High Ponytail
  • Ponytail with Pouf
  • French Braid Ponytail
Our go-to is the high side ponytail. It takes seconds and will stay (almost) all day. Simply brush the hair into a ponytail, but position the base to either side of the head.

Braids that Won't Put Your Mood in a Twist

We all know quirky, intricate braiding designs that make you stare in awe. They make you wonder how long it took to master and what type of magic the girl's mom was working to keep her sitting still for so long.

Not all braids are meant for quick and easy styling. But we've picked a few that will only take a moment in the morning.

5 Braided Hairstyles for Girls:
  • Side Braided Fringe
  • Rope Braids
  • Braided Side Buns
  • French Braid
  • Dutch Flower Braid
Learning a new braid does take practice. But even if it is slow going to start, once you've mastered a braid you'll be able to speed through and get your family to upcoming summer activities on time.

Making Your Summer Easier Starts with Getting Ready

Summers are already busy enough without wasting hours taming your kid's hair. With these hairstyles in your mommy toolkit, you'll be able to tackle this morning chore with ease. It might even become a nice bonding experience.

These hairstyles for girls don't only have to be for your daughter. See a braid you like? Try it out on yourself for your next day out. 

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