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6 Common Workplace Accidents To Avoid

common workplace accidents work injuries slip and fall

On many occasions, we unfortunately hear the news about disasters that occurred at local business establishments such as hair and beauty salons. This could be the result of flawed a hair product or the lack of training of the staff. The beauty salons are supposed to serve you and provide you a safe environment as well as competent services that you can rely on. Dangers in the workplace can cause lawsuits or high expenses and require you to take out fast business loans or merchant cash advances (MCA)

This means the hair salon must stick to the strict health and safety rules while working. If a hair or beauty salon does not observe extreme care, injuries can occur. That will put a business at even more risk of a lawsuit than an accusation of sexism, racism, or height discrimination.

You should also be aware of these workplace mishaps next time you head to your salon for a hair-do: 

1. Cuts And Abrasions 

While receiving services such as manicure and pedicure or waxing, chances are higher that you may receive cuts and abrasion on your hands and feet. If the tools your salon is using are not sterilized, they can cause infection in your body or can also cause serious disease if they are used on a client with a contagious disease. So, consider keeping your own kit and wax instead of using your salon’s product. 

2. Hair Loss And Scalp Injuries 

There are dozens of hair products that you use on your hair. Make sure your salon does not use expired hair products that lead to hair loss and scalp burns or injuries. Check the expiry date before you let them apply hair color. As well as don’t use any electric hair product without the supervision of the staff- better let them handle it. 

3. Allergic Reaction 

An allergic reaction occurs when a product contacts with your skin which bears a content your skin is sensitive to. This allergic reaction can become serious. It is better to care than cure! Let the staff know that they should not use a product with that specific content. Instead, use an alternative one. Your beauty care is must and it should not be the cause of stress in any way. So stay vigilant! 

4. Slip And Fall Accidents 

Your salon’s floor may be slippery, and if wet chances are higher that you may slip and fall down. So be cautious of the signs such as ‘wet floor’. Also, walk with care especially if you are wearing high heels as they can make you lose balance and cause you severe injury on your ankle or even your backbone. Preferably wear shoes that are not slippery

5. Laser And Wax Burns 

Since the beauty industry has evolved and with the help of laser technology women prefer laser treatment to get rid of several problems, it can cause burn on their body. Similarly, as mentioned above, the overheated wax also causes bruises on the body. So before receiving services that involve laser or heat in any form, make sure you are taking precautions and don’t use the laser products beyond recommended usage. 

common accidents beauty salons hair cut wax burns

6. Vehicle Accidents

Another common workplace accident is an accident involving a vehicle such as a car, truck, van, or construction vehicle. These accidents can be deadly, destructive, costly, or at least very dangerous. If you need a good towing company to help out with a vehicular accident, learn more about Car recovery London.

Causes Of These Injuries: 

The most common causes of these injuries are 

• Not testing the product before usage 
• Not selecting the appropriate treatment or not following the instructions 
• Not following proper sanitary methods which increase the risk of bacterial and viral infections 
• Using expired and/or contaminated chemicals that lead to burns and severe allergic reactions 

These workplace injuries happen in the United States, Pakistan, the UK, and many other nations with risky workplaces.

Accident Injury Rehab 

Workplace accidents could cause a lot of pain and recovery. It will take a lot of medical treatments, physical therapy, and frugal fitness training to get your body back to normal.


So, make sure you are aware of what could go wrong when using a certain product or service at the beauty salon. And go to a top beauty salon like Divine Designs instead of just your average spa.