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3 Tips For Healthier Hair

Take care of your hair! These 3 tips will keep your hair so heavenly they'll stop and stare!

1) Persist In Protecting 

Hair can be damaged by both UV and heated tools, like hair straighteners, tongs and even your trusty hairdryer, so it’s important to give your hair as much protection as possible. “When you dry your hair at home always use a heat protector,” says hairstylist Mark Wooley of Electric Hairdressing. Try the ghd Heat Protect Spray With UV Protection, $12.95, to condition from the inside out and shield against damage from straighteners and color-zapping rays. And when drying, be sure not to hold the hair dryer too close to your lengths, to prevent split, fluffy ends. “As a test, blow the hairdryer onto your hand and see how fast you pull away when holding it close to your skin.”

2) Become A Blow-Drying Professional 

A good blow-dry should last at least a couple of days depending on your hair type, and there are several products that will help prolong the life of your style. You can also bypass hot tools by multitasking your hair style, as celebrity stylist Dan Sharp explains: “Styling doesn’t always have to involve a hot tool. If you give yourself a fierce blowout on Monday, rock it out on Tuesday and on Wednesday do a fab high ponytail. Making your style last a few days will really help prevent damage.” The perfect at-home blow-out is not as tricky as it sounds and if you invest in a few good tools it’ll make it even easier. “Start by flipping your head upside down, and shake your hair around while you blow-dry,” says hair care expert Harry Josh. “The more you move, the more volume you’ll get. Once it’s about 80 percent dry, flip back up and blow-dry hair in sections to smooth, focusing on polished ends. The last three inches are key: Move your brush and dryer right down to the very end of the strands and take your time. It will make all the difference. Most people come at their heads from the side, which makes hair frizzy and staticky by pushing it all over the place.” 

3) Remember The Good Hair Tools Rules

 Think of your hair like your skin - what you put on it will affect it. Investing in good quality products and tools will keep hair looking and feeling healthy and strong. “People are cheap with what they use on hair but wouldn’t dream of treating their cashmere jumper in that way,” says FitFluential ambassador Dan Patrick. “At home, you should have a round brush for blow-drying, a Mason Pearson brush for styling and a tail comb to move hair around a little,” says hair legend and Redken Global Creative Director, Guido Palau. Good brushes are worth investing in and although might have a heftier price tag than others, if they’re looked after they will last forever. Keep your brushes clean and free of dead hair, oil and product build-up by washing them in a mixture of baking soda and warm water once a month. Here’s how to choose the right hairbrush, according to your hair type. 

There are countless more tips for healthier looking and feeling hair. Keep reading the Divine Designs Heavenly Hair Beauty Blog for more hair helping tips, make healthy choices each day, and schedule your hair styling today!

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